DW: Just applied a fix to prevent this blog from being spammed!

DW: Still rewriting the website for 2022... You might find some random pages, errors or data from F1DT for testing purposes!

DW: Apologies... The website is having a revamp for 2022 and not fully operational - it will reappear slowly!

DBC: It definitely was not expertise on my part - bit of luck really and thought I’d actually blown it by not pit-stopping for the last race! But great to end my ‘silverware’ barren run! Thanks to all involved!

LB: Well I truly threw that mid season high away. 1st to 7th in just 4 races!!

RW: I'd like to say it was expertise that won the title but in reality it was 100% luck Thanks to Toby for running the competition and to DI for the commentary and the National Lottery for allowing me to pursue my dream. Now just hope I don't fail the drugs test.

DW: At last all is revealed... Congratulations to Rob on claiming the title and to David at the other end of the league (no easy task either!). I hope that everyone enjoyed the unpredictable racing and look forward to January 2022 with new FE cars... Bring on Saudi Arabia!

DI: We know that Mr. T and Jamie are the Egg and Spoon winners - but who will be joining them as E-League and E-Turner champions?

DW: Scores later today to reveal this year's entrants into the hall of fame!

DI: But will Rob be the Manchester City or Chelsea of FEDT and F1DT?

RW: Southampton will be the Joel Eriksson or Mazepin of the Premier League

DI: A difference between Rob and Southampton? Rob will be (is) challenging for titles - Southampton (unless something remarkable happens) won't!

RW: It's going to be tense wait for the results. Like waiting to see what random selection of players Ralf Hasenhuttl has selected to play for Southampton each weeknl

DI: Who will be our champions this season? Will Rob complete the first leg of the amazing double he's after (F1DT and FEDT champion)? Will David or Malcolm wrest the E-Turner from Niel's grasp or has Niel defended the title - or has someone else grabbed bottom spot? The tension is unbearable!

DW: Not going to reveal the winner/loser until later in the week... Another break from the technology!

DI: So the pit-stop window shuts - we wait to see what changes Niel has made in his quest for E-Turner glory!

DI: Niel's in for his final pit-stop!

DW: I think I've sorted the points from London... And we have two winners!

DI: Have a good break DW - still plenty of time for the pit-stops before bedlam in Berlin!

DW: There will be a short delay with the London E-Prix points whilst I have a few days break from the technology... Back on Friday!

DW: All sorted... The scores from both US races are in!

DW: USA Race 1 points input but Race 2 to follow...

DW: I will sort out the points from the US on Tuesday... Not seen the races yet so it spoils the excitement!

DI: And 3rd bottom Malcolm has leader Mortara and 2nd placed Frijns!

DI: No TP in the top seven has current E-Prix leader Mortara in their line-ups - but the bottom three all do have Moratar-

DI: Under a day to go before the pit-stop window closes - and we still have only one stopper, Niel!

DI: Could we have a Butler V Butler Egg final (DW V Nick) and a third Butler (Manon) in the Spoon final? Or none of them might make it!

DI: 4 days until the pit-stop window closes and 6 days until the first of the New York E-Prixs. It could so easily all change!

DW: I think I've sorted it...

DW: I'm working on it... Two races make it tricky!

LB: Oh my, first place still! If only I had this success in F1

DI: Ben uses his third and final pit-stop - going for broke!

DW: The Spoon Round 1 tie-break is resolved... Resistance is futile comfortably under-performing 1st corner carnage (who top scored this week!)

DW: Points revealed for Monaco event...

DW: Using the full Monaco circuit for the first time!

DI: 15 minutes and still no pit-stoppers!

DI: At the moment everyone is keeping their pit-stop powder dry in the run-up to Monaco!

DI: A big weekend for every TP in FEDT - they are all in F1FDT as well, so 2 races in 2 days!

DW: Scores from Spain II race are in - I'll leave DI to analyse the performances (or lack of them!). One tie break to resolve in the Spoon - which will be decided by the results of the Monaco event. In the meantime, the pit lane is open for any refinements...

DW: Going to modify the Egg and Spoon rounds to make them all double-headers!

DI: If you look on the Formula E site and find the race calendar this (at the moment) lists 2 races in Valencia, Monaco, 2 Puebla, 2 New York and 2 Berlin. How DW is expected to cope these last-minute changes heavens only knows!

DW: Interestingly... The calendar has been changed... Morocco and Chile are OUT and IN are Mexico, USA, GB and Germany!

DW: Only 9 finishers after 3 excluded and 5 disqualified!

DI: Ben has been let down somewhat by EVA, SET and POR - but still might be OK thanks to DEV and MER!

Ben: WOW! Sat at home, half way thru the race thinking it would be a solid few points today......wrong! What a turn of events!

DI: 2 excluded, 2 disqualified, 8 did not finish - could be some low scores in Valencia race 1!

DW: A few technical issues with some of the pages under the Pit Lane tab... Going to take a while to fix but the All Changes page is working!

DI: And RAS is in the top and bottom teams!

DI: Well fancy that - the leading team had three selections in common with the 2nd last team (RAS/BLO/NIO)!

DW: For clarity, Round 1 of the Egg / Spoon will be the total points accumulated over the two races in Spain...

DI: Under an hour before the pit-stop window closes before the double-header in Valencia!

DI: DW and Malcolm into the pits as well!

DI: Perhaps DW should clarify - are the finals of the Egg and Spoon and round 1 over two races or one (2 races in Valencia and Santiago)- and of one race which race?

DW: The draw for the next Egg/Spoon stages are now available... Time for a tactical pit stop?

DI: And Ben!

DI: And now David!

DI: Neil's in to join DW in the pits!

DW: The scores from Round 4 are now available... And the results from the initial round of the Egg/Spoon competitions!

DI: Great to see the mighty DW taking top spot in r3!

DW: The points from Rome 1 are now revealed with part 1 of the Egg & Spoon competition!

DI: The unpredictability of Formula E shows itself again. CAS started 22nd (and finished 15th) in round 3 - but is on pole for round 4!

DI: Not me being correct - I simply used the link on FEDT to FE! More foreign travel, I don't know how I'm going to cope with all this quarantine...

DW: DI is indeed correct... Two races have been added to double up in Rome and Valencia. I will update the website header!

DW: All sorted...

DW: Pit stop changes now revealed... Minor problem with the power rating images for me to fix!

DI: Only 23 hours until the pit-stop window closes. Will we see any further TPs attempting to improve their lot?

DI: Sorry Neil- wrong Neil/Niel!

DI: Niel makes it three!

DI: And now Ben, looking no doubt to consolidate his lead!

DI: We have our first pit-stopper - Niel's in early!

DW: The points from race two are now in... And there's been something of an upheaval in the league table!

DI: So after race one it's 1-power Malcolm leading - with 1-power rivals Niel and David 8th and 9th. At the bottom 3-power John Fi leads but we've got two 5-power and one 4-power entrant(s) very close. Welcome to the wacky world of FEDT!

DW: The scores from the first race of the season are now available... Those from the second event will follow soon - but I'm out of practise and the information is not as easy to find as for F1!

Ben: R2, quali......oh my.........definite impact on race results to come!

DW: Points from the first race will be available tomorrow morning, once the official results are published.

DW: First race of 2021 today at 1630 on BBC iPlayer or Red Button...

DI: Good to hear Paul is 'in' - and at least I now know who the mysterious Mr T is!

DW: I think that DI might find that Mr T is in fact our reigning champion!

DI: No Paul on the staring grid so we are guaranteed a new league champion in June - but Nick and DW are there!

DW: The entry window is now closed... Good luck to the 22 teams on the grid!

DI: If entry numbers stay around 16 then we could find everyone is in the first round of both the Egg and Spoon!

DI: Just 2 days to go for the FEDT entry deadline!

YZ: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/56063667

PT: I'm in!

DI: Gulp! DW's got FEDT (running) and F1DT (up his sleeve) for us all to think about - double jeopardy!

DW: All good here thank you... Just putting the finishing touches to the F1DT website for 2021.

DI: I think we can assume that last year's champion and the cup winner, Paul and Anne-Marie, will be on the starting grid!

YZ: Hope you're well Toby.

YZ: In for this year. Let's hope I have a more positive run :D

DW: The Entry Form for the 2021 is now OPEN!