Dick's Diatribe...

DIUpdate - 22 Aug: And so the 2021 season is completed. Top marks to our new champions, Rob at the top and David at the bottom. At the top Rob's consistency (only 2 scores below 5th) and heavy scoring (four top scores) saw off a spirited challenge from DW and Ben, while at the bottom things were closer with Malcolm only 34 behind David and defending e-Turner champion Niel 42 behind, but it's David who takes the title - well done indeed! Top marks to Malcolm for pushing David so close after top scoring in the very first race and to Neil (top score of the season, 622) and namesake Niel (bottom score of the season, 236). Bad luck on Lucy, leading 1st placer this season (5 top spots) but Rob took advantage of her drop in the last few races after she looked a sure winner mid-season. It's great to see a completely different roll of honour (except Mr. T, who I think was Paul Thrower last season and who nearly won the double, being pipped in the Egg by Anne-Marie). Can Rob lift the FEDT and F1DT titles, or David complete and E-Turner and F1 Turner double? As for E-racing, can't wait for it all to start again in January 2022!

DIUpdate - 13 Aug: And we have the answer - Niel has drafted in EVA & WEH as replacements for SIM & MOR. Let's see how it goes for Niel (and all the other TPs) in Germany. Can anyone catch Rob in the title race?

DIUpdate - 31 Jul: Two top scores in two races for Rob, who roars (up 3 places, as were DW and John Fi) to the top. With a 123 point lead can he hang onto his lead going into the last two races in Germany? Maybe, but to adulterate a phrase from the old children's program 'Stingray' "this is FEDT - anything can happen in two races!". DW climbs to 2nd, Lucy drops to 3rd and Ben to 4th. Then it's Egg winner Mr.T, Neil, John M, Thomas (biggest faller, down 6 places), Pauline and Manon. At the bottom David reclaims the e-Turner lead closely followed by Malcolm and Niel, then it's a bit of a gap to the closest pursuer of the bottom three, John Fa then Corinna, Yasin, Anne-Marie, Spoon winner Jamie, Ian C and Ian B, so it looks like one of David, Malcolm and Niel to lift the e-Turner - but as with the title, anything is possible! Well done to Mr.T (handsome winner in the Egg) and Jamie (equally handsome winner of the spoon). Nick and Manon fought nobly in the finals but were, in the end, well beaten. On to the last races of the season in Berlin - will we see pit-stops galore? We'll see!

DIUpdate - 25 Jul: Did I say Neil in the write=up below? I meant to say Mr. T!

DIUpdate - 25 Jul: A good race for Rob I reckon - four in the top ten and 1st and 2nd. Jamie will have benefitted from RAS and DAC, could be enough for Spoon triumph. Neil will I think outscore Nick but who will take the Egg, it's close. DW will reveal all and then DI reckons pit-stops galore as TPs aim for one last push for g(l)ory.

DIUpdate - 24 Jul: DEN and DEV could be a good combination for Lucy and Rob - but Rob's got LYN, DIG and DAC as well, so could gain from race 1 Egg and Spoon close, but I think Jamie has an advantage in the Spoon over Manon and Nick's AND (the only one) could be crucial in his final with Mr. T. Now watch it all change tomorrow!

DIUpdate - 23 Jul: So it's Nick V Mr T in the Egg final and Manon V Jamie in the Spoon final this weekend in London. Will we see a Butler Egg and Spoon double or will Jamie and/or Mr T spoil their family celebrations? Apologies for the error in the last write-up, I had Malcolm leading in the E-Turner - in fact Malcolm and David are on equal points with Niel 15 behind. But with two races this weekend we could be seeing completely new leaders at the top and bottom of the table - and then perhaps a flurry of pit-stops before the last races in Germany!

DIUpdate - 15 Jul: Two Butlers out of three made it from the semi-finals of the Egg and Spoon to the final - Nick turned around a small deficit after race 1 in New York into a small advantage and he beat Rob by just 8 points to make the Egg final. Meanwhile Manon put out John Fi (who would have won the other semi-final with his score) in the Spoon, so it's Nick V Mr.T in the Egg final and Manon V Jamie in the Spoon. Three finalists in mid-table (10, 11, 12) in the Egg and Spoon, maybe says something about FEDT! Meanwhile in the Championship Lucy regained top spot ahead of Thomas, then it's Ben, Rob, DW, Mr. T, Neil (highest top score of the year, the first over 600 in the New York 2 race, another TP 'gaining' a highest and lowest score, and biggest climber, up 8 places), Pauline (biggest faller, down 6 spots), John M and Nick - but with 4 races to go any one of these (or someone further down) could win the title! In the E-Turner Malcolm takes the lead ahead of David and Niel (15 points covering the bottom three) then it's Corinna, Yasin (another highest and lowest 'double' there!), John Fa, Anne-Marie, Ian B, John Fi and Ian C. Four races to go, our two leaders have 'reverse' top/bottom scores (Lucy has a lowest and Malcolm a highest) and it's anyone's 'titles' - great stuff!

DIUpdate - 12 Jul: Nine races completed so far in F1DT and FEDT. Top to bottom score difference in F1DT 1345. Top to bottom score difference in FEDT 481. FEDT much more unpredictable!

DIUpdate - 11 Jul: Is Lucy leaping back to the top? With a 1-2-3 in the second race it must be a possibility! JEV/TUR looks to be the pair to have for bottom spot - step forward Ian?

DIUpdate - 11 Jul: And the winner of the first race in New York is GUN - who is only in one line-up, that of Niel who is (was) in E-Turner contention. Meanwhile leader DW gets just one driver (FRI) in the top ten and has two DNFs - DEN and WEH. FEDT living up to its reputation for unpredictability!

DIUpdate - 8 Jul: So it's GUN/SET/TUR V RAS/LOT/BLO in the battle between David and Niel in the e-Turner race after Niel's pit-stop - but both could easily be caught by anyone above them! I'm especially impressed by 5-power John M sitting in 19th, and 4-power John Fa in 18th - and of course we've got 3-power DW leading!

DIUpdate - 23 Jun: After the two races in Mexico a brilliantly unpredictable FEDT season has got even more extraordinary! In those two races we had not ONE - but TWO - TPS achieving a top and bottom score this season, a truly remarkable achievement. Step forward Niel (top in Mexico race 1 to go with his bottom is Saudi Arabia race 2 and Italy race 1) and Lucy (bottom in Mexico race 2 to go with her top in Monaco). Can any other TPs achieve this amazing and rare 'double'? We also had David (22nd) and Malcolm (20th) out in the Spoon and Lucy (4th) out in the Egg. And what a turn-around in the Championship! DW is now top, ahead of Pauline and Rob while previous leader Lucy (ahead by 131 points after Monaco) drops to 4th. Then it's Thomas, Mr. T, John M, Ian C, Ben and Manon (10th in the League yet in the Spoon semi-finals). In the E-Turner David takes the lead from Niel, and then it's Malcolm, Corinna, John Fa, Yasin, Anne-Marie, Neil, Ian B and John Fi. Still 6 races to go so anyone can win at either end of the table and we'll have new Egg and Spoon champions as well. Brilliant!

DIUpdate - 21 Jun: MOR wins race 2 in Puebla to further damage the E-Turner chances of those who have MOR!

DIUpdate - 20 Jun: With the bottom three all having RAS/MOR/SIM (2nd, 3rd, 4th) in their line-ups will we see Corinna or John Fa take advantage? Mind you, this even the official Formula E website says 'Everything can change, and quickly, in Formula E' so who knows what will happen in race 2 in Puebla today!

DIUpdate - 19 Jun: Driver changes for Ben - it's CAS/BIR for EVA/SET. Will this enable him to close the gap on the leader? Lucy has a big lead but things can chance very quickly in the land of FEDT!

DIUpdate - 26 May: The quarter-final draw for the Egg and Spoon is on the website and we've got some fantastic match-ups as usual. In the Egg John M V DW is a top of the table clash while Nick and Corinna can pull off cupsets, while in the Spoon we've got two top-tenners in the shape of Ian C and Ben going head to head for a semi-final place and John Fi looking to cause a cupset V David. Ties of the round must, however, be Manon V Mr T in the Egg and Manon V Malcolm in the Spoon. Can she win both and thus be in the semi-finals of the Egg and Spoon? Everyone bar perhaps Mr T and Malcolm will be rooting for her!

DIUpdate - 10 May: Well, not too bad with the tip for Jamie - 5th this week. Absolutely hopeless with the tip for Anne-Marie, only just outside the top ten (11th)! Lucy was top this week (this comprehensively scotching her Spoon chances, so it's only Manon who has the chance of lifting both titles!), followed by John M, John Fa, Thomas, Jamie, Neil, Ian C, Ben Rob and Pauline. Lucy stays top and in fact considerably extends her lead (it was 10 points, now it's 131) from new number 2 Rob, then it's Ben, Pauline, John M, (biggest climber in Monaco, up 4 places), DW, Thomas, Neil, Ian C, and Jamie. David took last place, 'ahead' of Yasin, Niel, Malcolm, Nick, Mr T (biggest faller, down 5 places this week), Corinna, Ian B, DW, and Manon. Niel stays in the E-Turner lead but David cuts the gap to 30 points - nothing in FE world. Then it's Malcolm, Corinna, John Fa, Yasin, Nick, Ian B, John Fi and Anne-Marie. We've now got two races in June, four in July and two in August - at the moment, but that can quickly change!

DIUpdate - 8 May: Dick's tips? Well DI is going for Jamie to lead the way in Monaco and as for last, well DI's plumping for Anne-Marie!

DIUpdate - 29 Apr: And so to the Egg and Spoon. Plenty of drama there - Egg first. Nick defeats high-flying Ben, Corinna edges defending Egg champion Anne-Marie by 2 points and Manon puts paid to Ian C by 1 point (and she's through in the Spoon as well, so is a possible Egg and Spoon winner). In the Spoon Ian C (a narrow loser in the Egg) edges John Fi by 2 points, John M runs John Fi close (6 points), Manon (see above) is through, Jamie puts out defending Spoon champion Niel by 3 points (so both Egg and Spoon champions are out), Lucy can join Manon as an Egg and Spoon quarter-finalist if she defeats Ian B in the play off in Monaco (top of the league possibly in the Spoon quarter-final - amazing!) and 4th placed in the league Ben is victorious against Yasin. Who knows what will happen in the last 8 in Mexico!

DIUpdate - 27 Apr: Did I say race 6 was dull - I take it all back. 5 of the top 10 in race 6 were in the bottom 10 after race 5 (including all of the bottom 3, Niel, David and Malcolm) and 5 of the top 10 after race 5 were in the bottom 10 in race 6, including league leader (DW) being 2nd lowest and second Ben (4th lowest) - and we had all the Butlers in the bottom 10, including filling the bottom three places (Manon, DW, Anne-Marie) - extraordinary! DI reckons he did rather well with the tipping, getting both Rob and Manon correct, quite an achievement methinks in FEDT world! Rob (joint biggest climber, up three) led the way from David who shot to second place in race 6 despite being 2nd bottom of the table. Then we had John Fa, Lucy (like Rob up three), Niel (last place to 5th best, another 'magnificent' performance there), John Fi, Malcolm (3rd bottom to 7th in race 6), Mr T, Thomas and Corinna. Lucy is the new league leader ahead of DW, Rob goes 3rd, pauline 4th then Ben, Mr T, Thomas, Neil, John M, and Manon (retaining her top ten place despite the worst score in race 6), At the bottom Manon led the way, DW was 2nd lowest from top spot in the previous race, Anne-Marie completed the Butler whitewash of the bottom three places, Ben, Ian B, Jamie, Neil, Nick (if only he been 4th worst, then it would have been a Butler 1-4!), Pauline and Yasin. Niel stays last 'ahead' of David, then it's Malcolm, John Fa, Corinna, John Fi, Nick, Anne-Marie, Yasin and Jamie. Next race Monaco which will see the remaining Spoon place decided and it's on a circuit that is narrow and winding with a load of cars that will probably be very close together - DI's expecting more carnage! Egg and Spoon write-up soon, with more surprising results.

DIUpdate - 26 Apr: Dick's tips for race 6? Well for top spot I'm going for Rob, surely that DEN/LYN combination will be too strong. Bottom is tricky, few retirements, but DI is tipping Manon!

DIUpdate - 25 Apr: A sensational race in Valencia (round 5). No tips from DI as there were so many retirements and the like but it was top marks to DW himself as he led the way with 'only' 4 'failures - WEH, JAG (no finishers) and DRA (1 finisher). After DW Rob (Biggest climber of the week, up 7 places) managed to grab 2nd just ahead of Ian B, then it was Neil, Manon, Thomas, Yasin, Nick, Lucy and Ben (10th despite bemoaning how 'badly' he'd done on the blog, impressive!) DW leaps to the top of the Championship, the it's Ben, Pauline, Lucy, Manon, Rob, Neil, Mr T, Thomas and John M, At the bottom David 'beat' Niel, and then we had Malcolm, Corinna, John Fa, Pauline (a bad race for the Lighting Racers there), John Fi, Anne-Marie (with the ill-named 'Go Go Jaguars', the biggest faller this week with Jamie), James and Ian C. Niel hangs onto the E-Turner lead but David reduces Niel's advantage and gains ground on 3rd bottom Malcolm, then it's John Fa, John Fi, Corinna, Nick, Yasin and Anne-Marie. What will happen in race 6 - and who knows where, and how many, races there will be in the future!

DIUpdate - 25 Apr: How dull was race 6 - most of the field finished!

DIUpdate - 25 Apr: Valencia race 6 sums up FEDT - Dennis in one BMW on pole and Guenther in the other one last!

DIUpdate - 24 Apr: Dick's tips for race 1 in Valencia? Top anyone who got all their drivers home and all cars finishing from their teams. Bottom, anyone with the complete opposite!

DIUpdate - 19 Apr: And what Egg and Spoon match-ups we have! In the Egg defending champion Anne-Marie (9) faces Lucy (3) while DW (4) has a tie against defending FE League champion Mr T (5). While in the Spoon we have Defending Spoon champion Niel V defending F1DT Saucer and Turner champion Manon - although Niel will be the favourite in this one, 22 V 6! Upsets always possible (perhaps likely would be a better word?) in FEDT world so watch out for some surprises....

DIUpdate - 13 Apr: You have to admire DW's power-rating perspicacity in the wild and unpredictable world that is Formula E - five of six 1-power drivers five are in the bottom half of the points scored table (only Sette Camera is the odd one out) and two of the three 2-power drivers are also in the bottom half. What vision! Let's see if it lasts in FE land......

DIUpdate - 12 Apr: Nick and Yasin both in the top ten - but in fact it was Yasin (biggest climber this round, up 5 places) ahead of Nick (5th) in top spot, well done Yasin! Manon claimed 2nd, followed by Pauline, Niel (4th in round 4, bottom in round 3, that's FEDT for you!), Nick, Ian C, Anne-Marie, Corinna, Neil and Lucy. It was three Butlers out of four in the top ten, DW following his top spot in round 3 with 4th bottom in round 4! Pauline takes over top spot from Ben who drops to 2nd, then it's Lucy, DW, Mr T, Manon, Jamie, Neil, Anne-Marie and Ian C, but things are tight and can change rapidly - DI says watch out for defending champion Mr T in 5th, up one place despite being in the bottom ten this round! At the bottom Thomas (biggest faller this round, down 8 places) did indeed lead the way just ahead of John Fi then we had Rob, DW, David, Ian B, Ben (previous table topper achieving a bottom 10 there!), John Fa, Jamie and Mr T. Niel stays ahead in the E-Turner but sees his lead cut considerably by David, followed by Malcolm, John Fi, John Fa, Ian B, Nick, Corinna, Yasin and Rob. No great surprises in the Egg and Spoon with the biggest total amassed by Pauline and the lowest by Niel - could we yet see someone winning the Egg and Spoon this year? One pre-Valencia stopper already (DW), will we see more?

DIUpdate - 11 Apr: Well in round 3 Manon wasn't top - in fact 9th - but DI's failure with this tip is partly explained by DI's abject failure to get the teams right - Manon didn't have VER, as nobody as as there is no VER! I meant of course JEV, who Manon did indeed have, so I would have tipped Manon anyway (and got my tipping wrong). Still great to see another Butler, DW himself, top of the ship in round 3 ahead of Pauline, Thomas, Mr T, Anne-Marie, John M, Jamie, Lucy, Manon and Nick - so all four Butlers in the top ten, a magnificent familial achievement there. Ben stays top but sees his lead cut to 31 over Pauline with DW climbing to 3rd. Thomas is 4th, Lucy 5th while Mr T roars up 8 places to 6th ahead of Jamie, John M, Rob, Manon & Neil. Neil's namesake Niel did indeed lead the way at the bottom over 60 'ahead' of Malcolm, Yasin, Ian B, David, Ian, John Fa, Corinna, Neil and Rob (although it's unclear which of these ten are really after the E-Turner). Niel takes over at the bottom, ahead of David, Malcolm (down ten, the biggest move this race, impressive), Yasin, Nick, John F, Corinna, Ian B, Ian C and John Fi. We've got two 1-power teams in the bottom three but Niel leads the way with his 4-power line-up. Who know how things will look after round 4!

DIUpdate - 11 Apr: Dick's tips for r4? Well I'm going for Nick to nick it from Yasin at the top (although it could be the other way round) and Thomas to take last place - but both preDIctions are made with no confidence!

DIUpdate - 10 Apr: Dick's tips for r3? Well I'm going for Manon with her VER/WEH pairing to be top in r3 and as for bottom well Niel's TUR/SIM/MOR combination looks good. JAG did well but that will be benefit everyone bar 6!

DIUpdate - 9 Apr: What's this! Apparently two races in Rome (10/04, r3 and 11/04, r4), two races in Valencia (24/04, r5 and 25/04, r6), one in Monaco (08/05, r7), one in Marrakesh (22/05, r8) and two in Santiago (05/06, r9, and 06/06, r10). Formula E website does say " race calendar is subject to changes". Can DW clarify perhaps?

DIUpdate - 1 Mar: Not too bad on the tipping front, Lucy was 3rd only 18 behind top scorer Ben while Niel did indeed clinch bottom spot (just). Ben is top after the two races in Saudi ahead of Lucy who climbs an impressive 11 places to second. Pauline is 3rd and then up 13 we have Thomas roaring to 4th. The vastly experienced Rob is next, then DW himself followed by Ian, Jamie, Neil and Malcolm. Nick holds last place (are BMW his secret weapon?), an amazing achievement with a 5-power selection ahead of David and Niel, both 'obviously' after the E-Turner if their 2-power selections are anything to go by. Then it's last year's Egg winner Anne-Marie followed by John Fa, Corinna, Yasin, Manon, Mr T (last year's E-champion Paul) and John Fi. Plenty of time for the pit-stops between now and the next race in Italy, but who knows who will do well -or badly - in Rome or indeed whether the driver/team line-up will be as it was in Saudi!

DIUpdate - 27 Feb: Well that's one quarter of the season gone. More mayhem but what are Dick's tips you all ask? Well, for race two I'm tipping Niel to lead the way at the bottom and Lucy to take top. Now let's see if DI is anywhere near the actual scores in races 1 or 2!

DIUpdate - 26 Feb: Dick's tips? Ben top after the first race, Nick leads the E-Turner!

DIUpdate - 24 Feb: Just an hour to go before the field is complete and we haven't got Nick or DW yet (but I'm sure they will be there before 'closing time'). No sign yet of last year's league champion, Paul - but there's till time! Not long to wait for the first race, 26/02!

DIUpdate - 23 Feb: Anne-Marie (last year's Egg winner) and Manon (F1DT Turner and Saucer champion 2020) are both in - and both after the title by the looks of their power ratings! Can they challenge at the top - or bottom - of FEDT this season?

DIUpdate - 12 Feb: Pauline and John Fa hedging their bets with 4-power choices - Title or Turner contenders we wonder? One imagines Ben and Rob must be aiming for the title - but can one be sure!

DIUpdate - 10 Feb: Looks like Niel will have some e-Turner competition as Malcolm is in. Let's see how they fare and if any of the 26-power teams end up at the bottom of the table!

DIUpdate - 6 Feb: Looks like we have six 25 power entrants and one 21 power entrant so far. Niel seeking to repeat his e-Turner (and spoon) victory of last season mayhap? Mind you, in the topsy-turvy E-Prix world he may find himself top!

DIUpdate - 6 Feb: Only 8 races this year and DI reckons there are only 5 spaces where a pit-stop is possible - Diriyah (2) - Rome, Rome - Valencia, Valencia - Monaco, Monaco - Marrakesh, and Marrakesh - Santaigo (1). Given the extreme uncertainty of FEDT I expect serious pit-stop action when it's possible!